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Lord of the Rings Online

LotRO: Creating Characters Of Rohan

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See the developers discuss the characters of Lord of the Rings Online - Riders of Rohan expansion which is due for release in September. Riders or Rohan will introduce the mounted combat, giving players the chance to take on Warbands and the Orcs who terrorize the towns and travelers. Find out more on Warbands and Warsteeds.

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In the new developer diary video released by Turbine today, Lord of the Rings Online developers showcase the Warsteeds in Riders of Rohan. As you might know from our previous posts on Warsteeds, these are the new combat mounts in LotRO. Designers have really taken their time before sketching the new combat horses for the upcoming expansion. Read on to see it all in the video and in the new set of screen-shots.

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Riders of Rohan updates to Captain

Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan expansion will bring tones of changes to the MMORPG. One of the major updates is to the Captain. Latest Riders of Rohan developer diary explains the update to Captain including out-of-combat Revive and life improvements. Read on for all the details of Captain updates in Riders of Rohan expansion.

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