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Lord of the Rings Online

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It's all about the Mounted Combat, when you hear about Riders of Rohan, isn't it? Well, the developers at Turbine Games released this new developer diary video, going into the details of mounted combat and the new elements that you will find in the MMO, such as the new Momentum feature that players will use to their advantage with War Steeds. Read on to see the new developer diary video and find out more on Mounted Combat and Momentum.

  in Lord of the Rings Online, News
War Steeds

Lord of the Rings Online's new expansion Riders of Rohan introduce mounted-combat. As expected, the mounts for combat are different from the regular travel mounts. Today, Turbine has released more information on combat mounts also known as War Steeds. There are three types of War Steeds and you can find out all about them when you continue reading.

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Warbands in Riders of Rohan

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion "Riders of Rohan" will feature mounted combat. One of the deadliest enemies on a mount are the Warbands. In the new developer video, Lord of the Rings Online senior producer explains Warbands in detail and tell us how they work. Find out all about Warbands in this new video when you continue reading.

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