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Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria: The Thunder King trailer

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Well, well, well, isn't it World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria's brand new trailer for Patch 5.2. Dead sure it is. Check out this incredible The Thunder King trailer for Mists of Pandaria's highly anticipated patch 5.2. Gather heroes, sound the drums, The Thunder King comes, The Thunder King comes! Patch 5.2 is going to introduce a giant raid dungeon; The Thunder King's stronghold "Throne of Thunder", new world bosses: Oondasta, Nalak, The Storm Lord, and loads of new content. 

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Pandaren Monk

2.7 million copies in first week! That's Pandarian success for World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft which had been losing more and more subscribers in 2012, has received a massive subscriber base boost following the release of the latest expansion "Mists of Pandaria". Mists of Pandaria has already sold 2.7 million copies in one week and helped World of Wacraft exceed the 10 million subscriber mark once again. Continue reading for the rest of the story.

26. September, 2012Tags: Mists of Pandaria, MMO Blog, World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft All ExpansionsWorld of Warcraft has been around for a very long time, and it’s evolved an awful lot since it was first released. Whether through incremental updates, major updates or expansion packs, it’s hard to say that the World of Warcraft of 2012 is anything like the game that became a big hit. Constant evolution and change, on the one hand, is one of fantastic elements of modern day gaming, although some people don’t like the way core mechanics have been changed over the years. Vanilla servers have become more than a little popular as a result and are the best way to see the game as it originally was. With the release of the latest World of Warcraft expansion; Mists of Pandaria, we thought we’d take a look over the expansions we’ve had in the past, to catch people up on things they may have missed and to chronicle the ever-changing world of Azeroth.

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