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guild wars 2 price drop

If you have been visiting Guild Wars 2 website regularly, you may have noticed what I have. ArenaNet has been offering discounts every now and then and it had come to my attention that the publisher has been doing this to see how it affected sales. According to the press release from ArenaNet today, Guild Wars 2 digital and deluxe editions have new prices from now on. The new sales price for the standard digital edition is now $49.99 (previously $59.99) and the deluxe edition goes for $69.99 instead of the previous price of $79.99. So there is a $10 discount for both versions of Guild Wars 2.

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Defiance discount sale

Trion Worlds has been announcing some bad news and also some good ones. Bad news first, there has been some reports about lay-offs at Trion Worlds, first claimed by IGN and then confirmed by the company, although it was not as drastic as IGN had claimed. We're sorry to hear about this. The good news concerns the PC gamers. Defiance is now available for $29.99 until Sunday night.

MMO Games in 2013We’ve taken a long look back at the year behind us and seen the massive amount that 2012 offered to the MMO world, both good and bad. Now I think we need to look forward, at 2013, and at the game and events that will keep us going through the next 12 months. Like 2012, you should expect a few sleeper hits to come out of nowhere, but with The Elder Scrolls Online on the horizon, there’s every chance that the entire MMO ecosystem is going to implode. Why? Let’s take a look.

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