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26. November, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, MMO Industry, World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Achievements in 8 years
World of Warcraft turned eight years old
last week, a milestone that most MMOs will simply never know. The most amazing fact about this is just how popular it remains. This is no retro game, kept online for people who want a slice of nostalgia. World of Warcraft was and remains THE MMO to beat, with millions of people logging in each month. I found out this week that, collectively, World of Warcraft has been played for longer than the time since we evolved from apes. If that isn’t a huge achievement, I’m not sure what is.

14. November, 2012Tags: Call of Duty, MMO Blog, MMO Industry

Call of Duty change MMO gamesAnother year, another Call of Duty – it’s the holiday between Halloween and Christmas that almost makes up for most of the world not having Thanksgiving. While for some the fact that it’s a yearly release is a source of concern – genuine, heart-wrenching concern – there’s no denying that it manages to bring countless people together, that it offers something people can get nowhere else. When you look at games on that scale, you’re usually talking about an MMO. As we’ve discussed before, Call of Duty isn’t an MMO, but its long-reaching influence can even be felt here.

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Mists of Pandaria screenshot random

We give our financial information to several game publishers and we trust them to keep the information secure. This is usually only an assumption that can never be 100%. We take it for granted that they would have a system in place to secure the sensitive information. Unfortunately we also report several times a year, if not more in 2012, that hackers find a breach in almost every system. Blizzard is no exception. Today, pair of gamers filed a lawsuit against Blizzard for failing to secure information and selling authenticators.

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