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SWTOR Allies update

Electronic Arts today released its Financial Report for its fourth fiscal year which ended Mar 31, 2012. According to the financial report, Star Wars The Old Republic the MMORPG has 1.3 million active subscribers. The report also hints on a new content pack "Allies".

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Firefall is still in beta stage but it was one of the most popular games at PAX East a few weeks ago. Developers of the shooter MMO released a new video that explains their Staged Content Approach in Firefall that aims to offer players as much content as possible. Continue reading to view this interesting video.

12. April, 2012Tags: Mass Effect 3, MMO Blog, MMO Industry

At the same time as Bioware were working on Mass Effect 3, they were also working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. It shows, with the latter styling itself as an evolved version of World of Warcraft, mixing the best of Bioware’s single player titles with a vast and exciting universe. If you read our Old Republic review, you’ll know that there’s very little that I think we’d want to change (with the exception of that pesky install/download size), but there are indeed things that the developers could have brought over from Mass Effect, things which MMO developers everywhere could perhaps do with learning.

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