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Control Wizard class Elf

Neverwinter's Closed Beta Weekend #2 has launched and thousands of new fans of the MMORPG has entered the city of Neverwinter once again. That includes us and we will be sharing all our experience over this weekend. We're starting with a bunch of new screenshots to show you the new playable class: Control Wizard. We've picked the Elf race this time and combined it with the new Control Wizard class. Read on for screenshots and a character creation video.

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age of wushu and weapons

If you are into martial arts in games, you must take a look at Age of Wushu before it's released in the West after its huge success in China. Today, we're taking another look at weapons available in Age of Wushu. Anyone who practices Wushu knows the importance of a weapon, whether it is a sword, blade or a dagger. Wushu masters say your weapon reflects your personality. Age of Wushu's developers have created the weapons in game according to this philosophy. So, the selection of a weapon is going to be as vital as customizing your character. Read on for details.

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Firefall Locust Ground Vehicle

Firefall is my favorite shooter. It's a shooter you can play 3rd person or 1st person and the gameplay continues to evolve with new updates. It’s still and always will be in Beta but that’s the way it is and it's free. It’s a naturally born beta shooter. For what it’s worth, it’s an incredible shooter. Today, we will look at the fanciest item of the Founders Pack, the light ground vehicle “Locust”. We also have some ranting about the patcher. Join us for a ride with Locust when you continue reading.

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