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Runes of Magic

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If you have been following the latest news on Runes of Magic's upcoming content update, you may remember the new region Chrysalia which is located to the north of Taborean continent. Chrysalia is the home of two ant-like races; The Garon and The Kulech. Today, Chrysalia's gates have opened for courageous players to take on the new challenges in the new zone. Read on for the details of Chrysalia and see its new trailer.

  in News, Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic Chapter V launches

Runes of Magic's new expansion Fires of Shadowforge has launched. This new expansion also means the fantasy MMORPG's 5th Chapter. Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge features a new race, the Shadowforge Dwarves as well as two new classes.

Runes of Magic Chapter V Trailer

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Runes of Magic's new content update Chapter V will feature the Shadowforge Dwarves as we have previously posted the details of it here. Today, Frogster has revealed the brand new trailer shows us how the Shadowforge Dwarves came back to life. Click to play Runes of magic

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