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Secret World

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The Secret world pvp uniform

Funcom's The Secret World is big with its content updates. It's a delight to find out about new updates, also known as Issues. Having seen five issues so far, I must say, Funcom has done incredibly well, bringing fresh content to the MMO. Today, we are going to listen to the PvP designer Tim Donks, who is also Age of Conan's long-term designer. Read on for upcoming matchmaking changes and battle ranks. 

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The Secret World Issue 6

Funcom has revealed the upcoming episode of The Secret World; Issue 6: The Last Train to Cairo. This new episode is going to be about time travel. Players will be going back in time and visit Egypt in the past, see The Scorched Desert. Aside from the new missions included in this new episode, there is also a new auxilliary weapon: "The Whip". The new 10-player raid also sounds very challenging. Read on to see the first screenshots, the issue cover and more details on it.

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The Secret World End of Days event

If you have been following us during the End of Days event in The Secret World, we had posted a video here showing a group of players farming and exploiting thanks to the unlimited sources of Mayan Undeads in the game, which was never the intention of game developers at Funcom. Because of the exploits, Funcom was not able to rank the top 1000 of the End of Days event. So what did they do? They decided to give the same rewards to anyone who participated in the event. You wish you had now, don't you!

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