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Secret World

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The Secret World interview

In a recent interview, Funcom's developers working on The Secret World talked about the success of the modern day MMO, the free-to-play plans for The Secret World. In the interview they also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of subscription model which they plan to stick with. TSW's lead content designer Joel Bylos talked about Guild Wars 2 and its no-subscription model. Read on to find out what they had to say about TSW and Guild Wars 2.

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The Secret World Issue 3

Well, well, well, isn't it Funcom and The Secret World again. Today, it has come as a little surprise to us as Funcom has actually released The Secret World's Issue 3, earlier than expected (or it felt like that). Following numerous delays with the previous content pack  Issue #2 Digging Deeper, it looks like the developers have tried to surprise the fans of the game with fresh content. Read on for the details of Issue 3: The Cat God.

The Secret World: Digging Deeper Preview

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Finally it's live. The Secret World's long-awaited content pack; Issue 2: Digging Deeper has been deployed and Funcom released this new Issue 2 Digging Deeper preview video. Digging Deeper adds new missions as well as the brand new rocket launcher item along with the plastic surgeon and barbershop that allows players to change their character appearances. Find out more on Digging Deeper here.

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