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Secret World

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The Secret World Issue 2 delayed

We have been praising Funcom for delivering fresh content to its modern day MMO "The Secret World". Unfortunately only a few days after we posted about the upcoming content update, known as Issue 2:Digging Deeper, Funcom announced that they had to delay the update until September 11th. It's not too bad when you think about it. It's only two weeks but tell that to the fans of the game! Read on for details.

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Earlier today, when we posted the details of The Secret World's new episode, Episode 2: Digging Deeper, I couldn't stop myself from mentioning a possible free-trial on the horizon. And only a few hours later, Funcom posted about this new 3-day free trial that's become available just an hour ago. So, if you have been looking to give TSW a whirl, sign up for the trial and download the game. There is also a trick to expand the trial even further. Read on for details.

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The Secret World Episode 2 Features

The Secret World is not free. We're sure you already know that. If you already own the game, here is some good news for you. Funcom just announced the upcoming Episode, the next content update for the modern day MMO. The new update, Episode 2 "Digging Deeper" features new missions, new items and nightmare mode for more dungeons. Continue reading for more insight.

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