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Secret World

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Funcom has taken the right path by announcing issues for The Secret World. Issues are content updates that will mainly add new investigation missions to the modern day MMORPG. The first issue titled "Unleashed" will arrive at the end of this month and will include six new missions for the fans of The Secret World. Read on for all the details of issue #1 for The Secret World.

05. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, Secret World

The Secret World Investigation Missions
Funcom's The Secret World is unique in many ways. Surely the game is also similar to many MMO's in terms of combat (arguably) and questing but there are no classes, no levels and little constraints. I will be sharing my own view of the MMORPG and its unique features in the next few weeks. Today, I will discuss the investigation missions. If you have ever enjoyed playing adventure games, you will find pieces in The Secret World that will make you want to purchase the game at the drop of a hat. Read on to see what I am talking about.

The Secret World: Through Agarta

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In this video for The Secret World, we leave Templar Hall and travel to the Agartha that magically beams us to Kingsmouth where we take on a mission of zombie hunting. The missions is to clear the area off of Zombies and then find out what alerts them. A car alarm, a fire... We try to find out more about the Zombies to eliminate them for good. At least, we try...

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