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Secret World

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Funcom's modern day MMORPG "The Secret World" claims it has all the potential to become one of the legendary MMO games this year. Funcom defines the game as a revolutionary MMO. Whether it will live up to this, is something we will have to decide later this year but the conspiracy theory based MMO is about to enter its Early Access. The War began this Friday, for those who have purchased the game.

The Secret World - 1st battle

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In the Secret World's Early Access, we take our 1st mission as Templars and experience first battle at the entrance of metro station.

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  in News, Secret World
The Secret World Beta weekend #4 readers know pretty much all about The Secret World, thanks to our massive coverage for the 1st beta weekend of the game. Last weekend was the 3rd beta weekend as Funcom opened the gates to new regions beyond Kingsmouth. The 4th and the final beta weekend "The Battle begins" will launch this Friday giving players a chance to experience the PvP. Read on for details.

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