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Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 is tactical shooter MMO by Aeria Games. See Soldier Front 2 reviews, gameplay videos and giveaways here.

Soldier Front 2 Closed Beta Trailer

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Aeria's upcoming tactical shooter MMO game "Soldier Front 2" is about to launch its first Closed Beta testing. The game features interesting game modes and well designed maps, taking you to deserts, dams, as well as modern cities and some highly entertaining maps such as the Fun House map. There are literally thousands of items and customization options that is going to please even the most hardcore MMOFPS fans. For more on Soldier Front 2 Closed Beta, keep an eye on our Soldier Front 2 pages.

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soldier front 2 hero mode

Aeria Games revealed new screenshots and information for its upcoming free to play MMOFPS game "Soldier Front 2". The shooter is tactical based but it will also have a series of game modes featuring aliens, aiming to entertain the fans of shooter games with variety. One of these interesting game modes in Soldier Front 2 is the MOBA-style war mode called the Hero Mode. Hero Mode gives players the chance to spawn alien troops called Xanthids to defeat enemy troops and  capture their base. Xanthids will be featured in other games modes as well. Continue for latest screens and the Warzone trailer.

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skill special force 2

Soldier Front 2 will be released in Europe with another title and both titles are entering closed beta soon. This is definitely the year of first person shooter games. Gameforge is the publisher of SKILL Special Force 2 in Europe whereas the game is known as Soldier Front 2 in North America and it is going to be published by Aeria. The free to play title is about to enter Closed Beta soon. The game is Unreal 3 based and it has all the classic elements of a shooter game, except for one unique feature: Clan Management in-game. Read on to see the trailer and read about this interesting feature.

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