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Star Trek Online

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Star Trek Online aeason 7 trailer

Star Trek Online's Season 7: New Romulus has arrived and we have stunning screen-shots and the launch trailer for the fans of the Sci-Fi MMO. Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus introduce the new romulus adventure zone, adds several new missions, the reputation system, a new fleet holding, and several UI improvements. Read on to see the new screenshots, read about the hot features and watch the launch trailer.

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Star Trek Online 1000-day ships

Star Trek Online has been offering a pretty good Lifetime subscription sale since October and this offer is ending soon. We wanted to remind our Star Trek Online fan readers that they have until Monday to get one of these lifetime-subs. But is it worth buying it now? Let's take a look at the features one more time.

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Some of you should remember the Vesta class multi-missions science vessels from Destiny trilogy of Star Trek novels. Vesta line was first designed by Mark Rademaker as a combination of a big vessel like a cruiser with escort-like cannons and advanced technology and sensors like a science vessel. Does it all sound over-powered? You bet it is. That's exactly why you should continue reading and see how STO developers adjusted its attributes in order to not break the game forever.

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