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Star Trek Online

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STO Gateway application

We have been praising how developers of Star Trek Online have been keeping us up-to-date on future updates, thanks to the periodical developer articles. Last weekend they announced a new Gateway that allows players to access their game accounts via any device with internet connection. Desktop PC's, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The application is now live for testing. Read on for the details of this new STO feature.

  in News, Star Trek Online
Chimera Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is going to reward its first set of 1000-day veterans tomorrow. As a part of the 1000-day rewards program, these loyal players will be receiving amazing rewards from their elite groups. These rewards range from special class starships to in-game titles, forum titles and free startship slots. Read on to see these special starships designed for loyal fans of the game.

25. September, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, Star Trek Online

MMO RatingsReviewing MMOs isn’t an easy thing. If you play for weeks and weeks, go through everything the game has to offer and end up with something like “the game is terrible until you reach hour 30,” you’re completely missing the demographic a review is made for – newbie players. If you spend too little time, you run the risk of missing some major feature that may or may not change your mind about the whole thing entirely. It’s a fine balance, and one that – when you have deadlines, multiple jobs, family and general life stuff – is incredibly easy to screw up. A suggestion from Star Trek Online producer Dan Stahl that review scores should be ever changing to represent the constant updates, fixes and expansions released for new games just makes the little reviewer inside me shrivel up and cry.

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