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SWTOR news, gameplay videos, wallpapers, wiki, patch and expansion notes.
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SWTOR Update 1.7 and reputation points

Star Wars The Old Republic's game update 1.7 is going to introduce the new Galactic Reputation system that will allow players earn rewards through heroic contributions to organizations. Players will gain reputation points and they will unlock organization ranks from an Outsider to a Legend. Each Rank is going to unlock a new reward and these rewards will become available for the players at Reputatio Vendors throughout the galaxy. Read on for the details of the Galactic Reputation system.

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Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Bioware has just released a new tailer for Star Wars The Old Republic's upcoming expansion: " Rise of the Hutt Cartel". The First Look trailer has also unveiled three special in-game items that players can acquire when they pre-order the new Digital Expansion. When this new expansion goes live, players from both sides will be facing Hutt Cartel on the new planet called Makeb. Read on for the details of the pre-order items and see the new trailer and screen-shots.

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It has been six months since Star Wars The Old Republic went free to play. It's about time we see some numbers and find out how it all worked out for Bioware, isn't it?. Today, SWTOR's producer Jeff Hickman announced the goods news in his latest state-of-the-game post. According to Hickman, free to play has worked out great and that with the increasing number of active players, SWTOR servers are rocking. He also noted about the special PvP area coming with the next content update. Another topic was the Same Gender Romance. Continue reading for details.

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