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SWTOR Free To Play Trailer

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Bioware is enjoying thousands of new players in Star Wars The Old Republic. Obviously... Check out this new free to play trailer that is an invitation going out to all gamers to enter the Universe of Star Wars. Play as a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter and other iconic Star Wars roles up to Level 50 with little to no limitations. Find out more on Star Wars the Old Republic here

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The day has come. Bioware is launching the free-to-play option for Star Wars The Old Republic today. As the fans of the franchise and those who just care to look at it have been waiting for this day since the free-to-play announcement. Along with the latest update 1.5 - HK-51 which is now live, complete storyline including all eight Star Wars classes becomes available for all players. Read on for details of the update 1.5 and f2p launch.

  in News, SWTOR
SWTOR free up to level 50

Star Wars The Old Republic, as you may already know, is going to have a free-to-play version soon. While f2p fans are looking forward to getting their hands on SWTOR for the first time (for free), developers have been working on final touches. With an alpha version currently being tested, which received positive feedback according to the developers, lead designer of the MMO revealed their core rules for the free to play transition. Read on for details.

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