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01. November, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, SWTOR

Darth Donald

Have you heard? Disney is buying Lucas Arts. It’s been the big topic of conversation this week, not only because the house of mouse will be taking the world’s best loved sci-fi franchise out of the hands of its creator but also because they’ll be funding a new trilogy of Star Wars films – episodes 7-9. If you’ve been on the internet in the last few days, you’ll already know all of this. But have you considered the changes that might happen in The Old Republic? Could Disney have the stuff to put it back on top again?

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SWTOR Free to Play Features

Star Wars The Old Republic's Free to Play launch is going to be an incredible f2p transformation in MMO games history. Following the announcement, SWTOR fans have had several questions regarding the features and limitations of the free to play option. Let's take a look at what Bioware has been revealing regarding SWTOR's f2p launch, features and limitations. 

SWTOR Free To Play Preview Trailer

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You can't be serious if you tell me you haven't heard that SWTOR is going free to play soon. Anyway, in this new Star Wars Online The Old Republic free to play preview video, you will see all the game offers as well as the f2p features and restrictions of the MMO. In the f2p version of the game, players will be able to choose one of the three races Human, Cyborg and Zabrak. Those who had a subscription in the past will be given instant access and some in-game currency to spend on items. 

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