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HK-51 assassin

Star Wars The Old Republic's Update 1.5 is now live on the game's Public Test Server (PST). Bioware's new update includes the new Section X which is an untouched area of Belsavis. Update 1.5 also introduces the the galaxy's most deadly assassin the HK-51. Operation Explosive Conflict is now coming back with a Nightmare mode that will reward players with final pieces of Dread Guard gear set. Read on for details of Update 1.5 and watch HK-51 trailer.

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Terror From Beyond operation

In the latest Star Wars The Old Republic developer diary video, players are told about the Terror From Beyond Operation that is included in Game Update 1.4. In Terror From Beyond, SWTOR players will travel to the planet of Asation to stop the evilish creatures unleashed from a hypergate. As SWTOR producers recently promised to release the content updates regularly every six weeks, get ready for operations like Terror From Beyond. Continue reading for the video.

SWTOR Gamescom Trailer

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This is fresh from Gamescom. Bioware has just shown this new SWTOR trailer at Gamescom 2012. SWTOR's new update will feature new Operations, including Terror From Beyond, a new planet: Makeb, new playable species "Cathar", new Warzones, new custom items and new game modes. There will also be more frequent updates to SWTOR from now on Bioware has announced. For more information on SWTOR visit this link->

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