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SWTOR news, gameplay videos, wallpapers, wiki, patch and expansion notes.
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SWTOR free to play

​Bioware announced that it will be introducing the new free-to-play option for Star Wars The Old Republic, this fall. The new free-to-play option of SWTOR will allow players to play the game for free with any of the eight iconics Star Wars characters, up to level 50 with some restrictions. Read on for the details of SWTOR f2p.

13. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, SWTOR

SWTOR going free to play and its effectsSo Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone free-to-play, at least up to a point, and that leaves the MMO industry in a very interesting position. The Old Republic looked to be one of the last big AAA MMOs, one of those games that looked to make or break the massively multiplayer world by injecting an influx of new players into our community and ultimately benefit everybody. Instead it’s been successful enough, but not to the level some people expected. It’s not been a “WoW-killer,” it’s not changed the face of the industry. No doubt it’s been a financial success and a critical success, but given that it’s a Bioware game and it had a ton of advertising, what does it say about the MMO genre that it isn’t the biggest game on the market today? What does it say that people have already moved onto other games, or back to World of Warcraft?

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SWTOR Allies is now live

Bioware announced the launch of Star Wars The Old Republic's new update 1.3: Allies. The new update has brought new features; Group Finder, Ranked PvP Warzones, Adaptive Gear, new enhancements to the Legacy system. Read on for all details.

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