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All the latest on TERA Online. TERA reviews, gameplay videos and the latest news from the MMORPG.
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TERA Rising free to play success

TERA has launched its free to play version last month only but it has already risen to 1.4 million players in North America according to the publisher En Masse. This has come as no surprise to us as we already knew TERA was one of the best MMORPGs and that the free to play transformation could only be a huge success for the company. Starting today, En Masse will celebrate this with a Dracoloth event. Get them big monsters for big rewards! Read on for details.

  in News, TERA
TERA free to play popularity

TERA's free-to-play transformation seems to have been a success by looking at the latest numbers in North America and Europe. According to Gameforge's report today, world of Arborea has already seen over half a million new players who signed up for the free version of the game. And if you have ever wondered which race and class is the most popular in TERA, read on...

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