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15. July, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, Shootmania Storm, Video Review

Shootmania Storm reviewFour bullets, two lives, one game: Shootmania Storm is an absolutely massive shooter that brings back a more retro way of playing an FPS, simplifying the genre completely. There’s no need to change guns, add equipment, perks, killstreaks and all those other timekills that will bog down your experience with needless statistics and constant load-out tweaking, just the skilled and the unskilled. In Shootmania the emphasis is on your place within the community, how well ranked you are not only globally, but in your country, county and more. This places a constant emphasis on getting better and thanks to the easy to pick up and play nature of the game, you’ll feel you’re getting better all the time.

Wolf Team review

Wolf Team adds an unusual but not unwelcome addition to its take on the MMOFPS: the ability to transform into wolves. Is it a fun expansion on an old favourite or does it come off as a gimmick, added for the sake of being different?

Lord of the Rings Online

Publisher: Warner Bros

Genre: Fantasy MMORPG



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It's been a while since we had a chance to play Lord of the Rings Online and we thought it was about time to give it a visit before the release of Riders of Rohan expansion; due for release in September. This time we made a video review of the MMORPG to show you what it has to offer. Read on to see if it lives up to hopes and dreams of someone who first read the books at nine years old.


Lord of the Rings Online Video Review

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