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World of Tanks

World of Tanks - Endless War E3 Trailer

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World of Tanks is one of the most popular action MMO games today. Wargaming, the developer of the game today announced that it has surpassed 60 million registrations. To celebrate this new milestone, Wargaming has released a brand new CGI trailer right before E3 2013. Enjoy! We will be following World of Tanks and Wargaming at E3 as they are going to show new content for World of Tanks and their other games World of Warplanes and World of Warships. Find more on World of Tanks here.

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World of Tanks update 8.5 and gold features

Wargaming's top MMO World of Tanks is about to receive its latest content update; Update 8.5. As we reported earlier this month, Update 8.5 is going to add new German and Soviet Tanks, and more importantly for the f2p crowd, it will be unlocking the previously premium-only features of the game to the whole community of the combat MMO. Continue reading for the details of World of Tanks Update 8.5 as well as the latest screenshots.

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World of Tanks update 8.5 tanks

World of Tanks updates are known for adding new tank trees and enhanced maps. Update 8.5 offers much more than a regular update. Update 8.5 introduces in-game economy changes, giving players the chance to purchase premium items with silver credits for the first time in the history of the combat MMO. Read on for the latest screen-shots of Updat 8.5's new medium and light tanks as well as the details of the economy changes.

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