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World of Tanks

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World of Tanks update 8.2

World of Tanks developers are at what they do best, again. Another content update is on the horizon. Update 8.2 for the combat MMO will feature new premium tanks, new US tanks with oscillating turrets, autoloaders and rendering enhancements for four battle arenas. Update 8.2 is going live on European servers today and will go on US servers tomorrow. Continue reading for details and screenshots.

  in News, World of Tanks
World of Tanks Free Credit Events

World of Tanks is free-to-play but that's it. You don't get too competitive if you don't buy credits in game. Tanks are not cheap. From special ammos to elite tanks, everything costs you extra. Yet it's one of the most popular combat MMOs out there. With its latest 8.1 version, World of Tanks looks and plays better than ever. How about some free credits and experience to give you a boost before 2013? Wargaming announced new events lined up for December. Continue reading to find out more.

World of Tanks: Chinese Tanks Storming

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World of Tanks has got tanks from all nations, doesn't it? Wait a minute... It didn't have Chinese tanks! Not until now... Good news is that Wargaming just announced that it will be adding Chinese tanks to the tank combat MMO game soon. The new trailer showcases the Chinese tanks and it looks fantastic. Developers seem to have captured every little detail of the Chinese machines of steel. Enjoy! For more on World of Tanks, click here>>

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