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World of Tanks

27. September, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, World of Tanks

World of Tanks Update 8.0 review

World of Tanks' biggest content update; Update 8.0 is going live today. A new Physics Engine, gameplay enhancements and visual upgrades are included in this major update. World of Tanks Update 8.0 is introducing significant changes to the combat MMO game, both visually and gameplay-wise. Our World of Tanks expert has reviewed Update 8.0, and discussed its positives and negatives. You will find out about the new Physics Engine and read discover which tanks have received buffs and nerfs. 

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World of Tanks new physics engine

If you have ever played World of Tanks, you probably have seen how ridiculous it looks at times. Without a proper physics engine, the heavy tanks in World of Tanks has always looked like agile athletes for almost two years since the release of the MMO. Fortunately, with World of Tanks update 8.0 that is being released today, it all gets super-realistic thanks to the game's new physics engine. Read on for details.

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World of Tanks Card Trading Game

Wargaming announced a new browser based game today. World of Tanks is going browser based with this new title "World of Tanks Generals". Don't get too excited, this is a not a browser based action MMO like World of Tanks. Instead it's a card-trading game that's based on World War II. The game features four nations and it has over 220 unique cards. Browser based game will run on any device with an internet connection. Read on for first details.

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