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World of Tanks

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World of Warplanes integration

CCP's Dust 514 is integrated into Eve Online. This amazing innovation was enough to ignite a rumor around Wargaming's shooter MMO titles, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. The rumor suggested an integration of all three titles onto one Global Domination Map. As exciting as this may sound, it was a far fetched idea. This was clarified for once and for all by producer in an interview. Read on for details.

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Heavy Tanks Weekend

World of Tanks players know the importance of extra Experience Points and credits. With these experience points, they do the research and unlock modules and tanks, credits are important as well. Thanks to Wargaming's Extra Bonus Weekends, it's always possible to win extras. Read on for details of this weekend's Heavy Tanks Weekend.

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World of Tanks Update 7.5 features

World of Tanks' new content update 7.5 has gone live in Europe today. As for the North American version of the action MMO, update will go live tomorrow. Update 7.5 introduces new Tier 10 medium tanks, tank destroyers, premium vehicles and new battle arenas. All tech trees for French, American, Soviet and German tanks have been updated too. Read on for update 7.5 details and latest screen-shots.

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