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Defiance Diary ep2: Claim the Arkfall

27. April, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

Claim an Arkfall in DefianceIn the story of Defiance, the Arkfall is one of the milestones in Pale Wars between the Humans and the Votans. The Pale Wars took seven years after the assassination of the Votan ambassador on TV and it shifted focus in another direction in 2030 when the first Arkfall event occurred. The original arkfall event was the explosion of the Ark Fleet in orbit. Noone knew who did it but it changed the biosphere permanently. Arkfalls periodically continued since then and in this episode, we'll claim our first Arkfall.


Defiance: Claim the Arkfall

Votans never intended to ruin the biosphere of the planet Earth but a series of unfortunate events led to the mysterious explosion of the Ark Fleet in the orbit of Earth in 2030.

The year 2030 was the beginning of a new Era. The exploson caused Arkfalls and Arkfalls ruined the planet Earth for everyone, changing the biosphere, creating dangerous hybrid and mutant species. These Arkfalls have continued since then and it still rains down on Earth as an Ark Belt was formed in the orbit. The Ark Belt produces periodical Arkfalls which are dangerous to the survivors on the surface of the planet but they also bring technological resources for survivors. 

In Defiance, you have opportunities to anticipate an Arkfall and if you can be there in time and survive its dangers, you can claim it for valuable and advanced technology it brings to the surface of the planet.

In the first episode of Defiance Diary last weekend, we told you about the main story of Defiance. In this second episode, we go to an anticipated Arkfall area and claim the Arkfall for the first time and salvage some advanced technology. So how do you claim an Arkfall? It takes investigating the area and then killing the giant Hellbugs as well as half a dozen of Mutant Shotgunners and riflemen.

Defiance - Arkfall area

Elite Hellbug Warrior and the Elite Mutant Shotgunners will give you a hard time and you should keep moving during combat to stay alive. The Elite Hellbug Warrior can dig into the ground and come out later to attack you. It will slow you down and the Mutant Shotgunners will attack in groups while you are dealing with Hellbugs. As long as you keep dodging to elude Hellbug attacks, you will be fine. The best tactic here is to draw the hellbugs outside the Arkfall center and kill them one by one. You can then take care of the Mutant Shotgunners and Riflemen and a couple of Cleavers. 

Claiming an Arkfall - Screen 1

As this was our first Arkfall to claim, it was relatively not very hard and it took me only once to complete the task. If you don't know where to find these Arkfall missions, go explore deserted areas outside the Pacific Gate. Good luck and see you in the next episode!

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