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Firefall: 2 Step Auth, Game Difficulty and Open Beta

05. July, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

firefall tigerclaw screenshot smallHi there Firefall fans! I have been really annoyed last week. Trying to get back in Firefall was such a long journey thanks to the patcher problems I run into every now and then. But this time it wasn’t only the patcher, this time it was also about the new 2-step authentication.Red 5 must have thought (because of the recent account issues in other games) they should introduce a 2-step authentication for greater security. Well, the compromise was the user experience. In this article, I will discuss extra security measures in games, recent changes to Firefall and the upcoming Open Beta.


Who asked for security?

I am going to say this once and loud. “I don’t want a secure account.” I just don’t care if someone is interested in hacking my game account. So be it. It’s not like I have millions of dollars in my game account. And there are ways to get it back, and even fix the account if damage has been done. I just don’t understand why developers have to assume everyone is careless with their passwords and gave their information away. Even if there are a bunch of players getting their accounts stolen or hacked, why does this have to make life harder for the rest? If I want additional security, I should have that as an option. This should never be mandatory. Look at gmail. Do they force you to have a 2-step authentication?

Firefall battleframe - Tigerclaw

Why is the 2-step authentication mandatory?

Nevertheless, I won’t make this longer than it should be. I had an issue with the 2-step authentication and the fact that Red 5’s mailer was not working properly, it was impossible to acquire a code and login. In the end I had to change my account e-mail, (and that needed a support ticket). Thanks to Miel from Red 5 Support, it went smooth and everything was sorted. Oh well, after 6 days of frustration but within 24 hours with Red5 support. This is why I couldn’t write this article until today.

Firefall screenshot

Developers want to make it a more challenging game!

In this episode, I actually wanted to go into the details of the recent gameplay changes to Firefall and discuss how some minor adjustments made Firefall a more challenging game but I will be doing it in the next episode with a gameplay video. This has been heavily discussed over at Red 5 message boards and it looks like while some of the more experienced players love the changes, the others did not.

I think, the changes really made the game more challenging than ever. The Chosen is even more aggressive. The Ares missions are even more difficult and the changes such as the cooldown on health stim. Packs have forced us to adjust our battle styles. (if you had one!).

Let’s talk about battle style for a moment. I have noticed that Firefall’s developers are clearly trying to take the game difficulty to a whole new level. Most MMOs go easy on gamers, specifically in terms of PvE and solo missions. Firefall does not. I remember the game 12 months ago and the current state of the game is so far away from what it was like back then. Playing the game on solo was not easy but it was nowhere as difficult as it is today.

Firefall battle with Tigerclaw

You want signals? 3 enemies in sight, time to run!

The Chosen gets aggressive, maybe too much...

With recent changes to the game and The Chosen (dark side in Firefall), it’s gotten really harder to play the game on your own. My guess is, developers have had enough time for tuning and gameplay balancing, they may have decided to test the limits of Beta testers before they launch the Open Beta. The Open Beta of Firefall is launching July 9th and it’s going to get really wild. I am pretty sure there are thousands out there who have been waiting fort his day for a long time. Being a Founder myself, I am excited to see the initial reaction of first-timers and it’s going to be a lot more fun when there are thousands of players who can co-op with you, be it an Ares mission or a Thumping event. In the early days of the Closed Beta, everyone was busy upgrading their battleframes. Later in 2012, there was a major update which introduced the no-level system and the evolution continues this year with the introduction of the new progression system and the changes to the battleframe system. It’s amazing that Firefall has been in Closed Beta for such a long time. Those two updates could have been easily called Firefall 2 and Firefall 3 if it was another game.



Solo-problem in an MMO?

The discussions about game difficulty these days are mainly because it’s hard to play solo. That’s exactly why I believe the upcoming Open Beta is going to be the best thing ever. With new players around, there will be no reason to play a mission on your own. Playing solo, no matter what kind of an Ares Mission, is insane. Unless you have found a way to upgrade your battleframe to its max, it’s almost impossible to stay alive for too long. There are some battle strategies you can benefit from of course. Use more health packs, keep your distance when there are multiple enemies and upgrade your battleframe as much as you can… Even then, it may not work because enemies mostly chase you when they see you. Unlike many other shooters, the enemy units in Firefall do not just protect a zone but they aggressively go after you. I remember trying to run away a couple times but it hadn’t stopped them from coming after me in groups.

Firefall - Tanken Gunner

Maybe it's too late to run now, pray!

As I say, Open Beta is going to be great for everyone. It’s going to give us more options to complete missions, do group thumping and make progress a lot faster in Firefall. We will have a special episode next Wednesday, July 10th right after the launch of Open Beta. Until then, don’t play the hero, you won’t survive!

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