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Guild Wars 2 Diary #26: Ambush Them Renegades

09. March, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 Ambush the RenegadesLast week we left things on something of a cliff hanger. Should we attack the renegades head-on or ambush them as they try to attack them? Although the end result will hopefully be the same – the end of the renegade and their leader, Ajax – the battle is going to be quite different. Do you have the strength to take them on on their home turf, or would you rather let them come to you and slowly whittle away at their health from afar? Being the cautious devil that I am, I thought it’d be best to ambush them on our own terms. And I’m glad I did. Our Guild Wars 2 Diary 26 deals with what is easily my favourite mission to date. But first, a quick word on group quests.

Group Quests

Group quests have been something of a mystery to me. Although I’ve played this game for more hours than I care to count, and although I’ve written nearly 30,000 words on the subject (enough for a short book), I’m still not 100% sure what the developers were thinking when they implemented them.

Problems with Group Quests

Take, for instance, a quest I played today on my way through to the story quest. Kill the Renegade Leader. First you had to kill six assassin’s, which all fell like flies by the way, and on finishing those off, the leader appeared. She used an odd energy weapon that zapped a huge amount of your health away for quite a long time. She was surrounded by four or five computer controlled characters and two or three real players. And yet she finished us all off in only a few minutes.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Diary 26 Screenshot 1

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Did ArenaNet really think that tens of people would descend on this event every time it went live? Is there no way of scaling it based on how many people are there? Is somebody like me, who generally plays alone or, at best, in small groups, completely exempt from being able to finish these events?

Group means big teams of players

The answer to that last question seems to be that, yes, they’re closed off. There’s a reason they’re called group events, and ANet have proven with their new guild missions that, when they say group, they mean big teams of people. Where does this leave the casual player? Is there anyway of beating all the events in the game?

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Diary 26 Screenshot 2

My advice would be to party up with players in the general vicinity or increase the number of friends you have within the game. If neither of those are an option, your best bet is to check how many people are joining the event and if the odds seem against you, run away. This might sound a little cowardly at first, but you’ll only get experience if the event ends, and with nobody playing you’re never going to see any experience. Why should you put any effort into playing a portion of this game that you’re not going to be rewarded for and, in fact, might even cost you some of your hard earned gold?

It might seem obvious, but always play group events with a team of others. It’ll be hard enough together, nobody wants you to be a hero.

Minister’s Defence

If you choose to ambush the renegades, you’ll be placed in charge of a small army. You have at your disposal three different types of platoon, which is handy, because there are three passageways you’ll want to defend. You’ll need to decide which platoon you’ll place in front of each passageway. One has access to a cannon, the other places a ward, the last launches an ambush. Not really thinking it through, I rushed my decision and things worked out fine, but I do believe there are right answers at this point.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Diary 26 Screenshot 4

Some Tips

My biggest suggestion would be to place the cannon to the west. This is where your hardest enemies will come from and the cannon will help to buy you some time. It might even do a little damage and knock a few enemies dead before they can get at you, although that last one might be wishful thinking.

I was first attacked from the south. Don’t be scared to rush the enemy. They come in rather large groups, but they’ll fall far too easily. Use special moves, especially anything that will allow you to do damage to multiple targets, and you’ll find it hard to believe the renegades have been causing any trouble whatsoever. Once you’ve defeated the first lot of soldiers, a second team will arrive. Deal with them in the same way you dealt with their brothers. I had the ambush set at this point, and although they came in handy, I didn’t feel I needed them.

Then you’ll be attacked from the east. Do the same thing – attack the first group, finish them off, kill the second group. By the process of elimination, these renegades will face the ward, although I can’t say I noticed much of a difference along this path. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that I didn’t let them get anywhere close to Summit Peak. Perhaps it’s because they saved their biggest attack for last.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Diary 26 Screenshot 5

The attack from the west starts out in much the same way as the renegades’ other attacks. The first wave of soldiers will probably be mostly wiped out by cannon fire, or at least weakened. They’re a little harder than the attackers from the east and south, and there are more of them, but you’re still unlikely to struggle. The final wave are stronger again, and they won’t give you time to heal. Led by Ajax himself, they seem hell bent on destroying everything in their path.

Make it quick!

Deal with as many of them as you can, as quickly as you can. It’s only Ajax that you have to take out, but that will be difficult. Watch out for his bodyguards, who can really pack a punch, and make sure you’re constantly watching your health. Slip up at this point and you’ll find yourself having to respawn. When you feel brave enough to do it, do as much damage as you can to Ajax and then run away. It probably won’t do you much good, but it might.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Diary 26 Screenshot 6

When you’ve killed Ajax, sit back and enjoy the cutscene.


Kernsson has been watching you over the last few weeks, and his respect for you has grown. Sure, you’d made a name for yourself in Divinity’s Reach, you might have saved the Queen and stopped countless threats to the peace of thousands of people, but that apparently means nothing in the Vigil. Thankfully, you’ve proven yourself, and he gives you a field promotion.

Congratulations, Crusader, you’re going up in the world. 

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