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Fiesta Online to be a browser game

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Spawnapps Technology brings applications to your web browsers. This new technology means we will also see MMO games coming directly to our browsers. Gamigo has announced a partnership with Spawnapps to bring Fiesta Online to browsers.




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Playing an MMO game in a browser means you don't need to download game clients. Without waiting, without installing anything, you simply open the website of the game and start playing from anywhere anytime. 

Unity has been the most perfect solution to creating browser based games. And now there is Spawnapps. 

SpawnApps technology greatly increases the accessibility of desktop applications. It’s about shifting the “Download & Install” web pattern to the “YouTube” one. The final user experience is like a YouTube video embed, but an application would show instead of a video.

Now this new technology will be used to bring Fiesta Online to web browsers. 

After packaging Fiesta Online with SpawnApps technology, players will be able to play their game on their browser after less than 2 minutes compared to the 30 minutes required for the full download. gamigo is also working on providing the game through various Social Networks.

For more information on Spawnapps, go here>>

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