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WarFlow Review


Publisher: Dovo Games
Free to Play

Warflow is an MMORTS war game. The story takes place in ancient lands where three nations have been at war for a long time. You are going to be the hero to bring peace to these lands.

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The tutorial is pretty well designed and it guides you through the basics of the game within 10 minutes.  Once you get the hang of it, your first mission is to finish the available quests and upgrade items as quickly as you can.

SILVER is everything

Watch your Silver level as this is used as the currency in the game and you need Silver to do the upgrades and buy items for your military.
Once you run low on Silver, you can levy and increase it by collecting tax. However, just like in other similar games, you need to wait for a cool-down before you can levy again. The same limitation goes for upgrading.
Warflow Screenshot
In the GUI you see three main sections. War, City and Area. In the City section you look at your city and do the upgrades to your Town Center, Training Ground, Treasury, Shop and houses.


Make sure you watch the Quests as these are easy way to obtain rewards. You can buy new items, weapons, armors, cloaks and other things at the shop for your military.
Warflow Screenshot
Once you are at a certain level, you can challenge NPC’s in the War screen. NPC’s are easy to beat but as you can imagine it will get harder and harder once you start attacking other players. You will have to make sure your forces are strong enough to face the enemy forces. You can see basic information on enemy units by clicking on them in the War screen.


There are also Legions in the game. If you have 100 honor points, you may as well create your own Legion. The higher the level you are, the more likely your applications will be accepted by big Legions. Choose carefully before you apply to a Legion.
Warflow Screenshot


Graphics are as good as we can expect from a browser game. I didn’t see any problems while playing the game. The game has been developed in Adobe Flash and it ran smoothly while I played the game.
The game is free to play and you can buy Gold if you want to speed up the upgrades and get stronger in shorter period of time. The cool thing about this game is that you can win Gold in certain actions so there is always a chance you get
Gold after you have spent all the free Gold you have been given when you enter the game.
There are Builders and you need more of them to upgrade more facilities concurrently. If you want to finish the upgrades in no time, you can always use 1 GOLD to do this. Once you upgrade your TC to higher levels, you get more houses and your Silver cap increase as you have more citizens.
Warflow Screenshot
Another goal is to keep an eye on your prosperity. This is vital for Silver production. This of course also depends on the area’s level but you can always boost the Prosperity by investments. Other factors are House level, Treasury level and Legion techs related to levies.


There is a very well tuned balance in the game. You have to watch several factors to increase your Silver Level and this helps you upgrade your items as quickly as you can. There are some vital quests to complete before you can upgrade your TC beyond level 10 and more quests are added as you level up.



The war interface is a little too ordinary and lacks some action. It’s not more than clicking on Attack buttons and watch arbitrary animations that show how you do against your enemy.
Warflow Screenshot


Warflow is an RTS browser game that you can leave in your browser all day long. You don’t have to worry about much as the game progress slowly. You need to keep an eye on LEVY button and SILVER levels as well as the Quests and Honor points. Once you have enough Silver, you can upgrade your buildings and traing your heroes. There is so much more to do once you are developed enough.  The game is all about beating NPC’s during first 10 levels of gameplay. Afterwards, It will be the time to take action against other players.
Good luck!
  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Sound: 3/10
  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Entertainment: 9/10


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