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Age of Wushu

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Age of Wushu - Wudang masterAge of Wushu is one of the most unique MMORPGs of the year. The game focuses on the martial art "Wushu" that's mostly mentioned with Jet Li. The Hollywood star and martial arts master Jet Li is the official star of Age of Wushu. 

Age of Wushu takes you to the beautiful lands of China, giving you the opporunity to become a martial arts legend. The game starts with a dramatic story depending on the character your choose. In our own experience, our character had lost his beloved one and he barely remembered what happened. He was saved by the Wudang Leader, the most skilled swordsman in the game. While we try to regain our memory, we also study at the Martial Arts School of Wudang. We take various challenges from spying on other schools to catching criminals and bringing order to Wulin, with the help of the instructors at the school.

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In Age of Wushu, you pick one of the eight martial arts schools and continue your own story from there. The game features hundreds of combinations of skills and combat moves which you can learn from Wushu masters. However, combat is not the only thing in Age of Wushu. You have to learn cultivation, you have to feed your character, learn crafting skills and try to make a name in your school.

The landscapes are truly fantastic in Age of Wushu. You can walk around or get on your mount for a fantastic ride. Check out our new screenshots gallery below and visit our Age of Wushu section for gameplay videos where you can see how you can learn different skills, Battlefield Arenas and more.

Age of Wushu Trailer


Age of Wushu gameplay - Sword Skills

Age of Wushu gameplay - Solo and Group Cultivation

Age of Wushu - New Screenshots [Updated May 20, 2013]

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