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Guild Wars 2: Last Stand at Southsun

Last Stand at Southsun

Living story continues with Last Stand at Southsun

Guild Wars 2 living story continues with Southsun updates. Last week we saw the first part "The Secret of the Southsun". The latest part of the living story takes us to a beautiful tropical island. Next week (May 28th), the second part of this new story will arrive. Part 2 is called "Last Stand at Southsun" and we will be joining forces with Inspector Kiel of the Lianguard and battle the army of Canach before this beautiful lands are painted in red.

The main goal of this second part is to capture Canach. The new story dungeon "Canach's Lair" is a solo mission under the islans and those who complete this challenge will be unlocking a group adventure.


After Canach, we will be taking on the greater challenge, which is to defend the people on Southsun Cove. This challenge will unleash on June 5, so we will have about 3 weeks before this ultimate challenge.

Other improvements coming with the update are

- New Improved World XP that will grant more rewards for more activities.
- WvW rewards will be more varied just like new achievements...Bonus chests up for grabs too!
- New ability: Burining Oil Mastery.
- Ascended rings and amulets can be purchased after this update.
- WvW matchıp system has been updated.

Guild Wars 2 Last Stand at Southsun
- Spectator Mode and Custom PvP Arenas have been updated based on feedback.
- Southsun cove rewards such as the Settler's Amulet.
- Fervid Censer and Sclerite Karka Shell...Southsun Exclusive items!

Guild Wars 2 gameplay videos continue...

We will have an in-detail review of Southsun updates soon but check out the latest episode of our 
Guild Wars 2 Diary for more on the Secret of the Southsun and the Chosen of the Sun mission.

Last Stand at Southsun Wallpaper:

Guild Wars 2 Southsun wallpaper - Canach

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Source: Guild Wars 2 official

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