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Neverwinter Is Now Live

Neverwinter launches

Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter is now officially live. The official launch has also brough new content to the table as Cryptic has released the "Gauntlgrym" the new high level PvP and PvE content as well as the first free expansion module: "Fury of the Feywild".

Fury of the Feywild introduces the new region; "Sharandar" which consists of three campaign areas, three instances, loads of new enemies and a brand new new dungeon.

Neverwinter launch trailer

Weaponsmithing and Artificing are the two new professions that becomes available on launch day.

Check out our previous coverage of Neverwinter below for all the details on this new Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG. We have tried to cover everything  about the game during the Closed Beta weekends, so it's well worth a look. Before you go there, enjoy today's launch trailer.

Neverwinter's Open Beta Events

Open Beta events for Neverwinter continues with Phase II and Phase III in June. Please find details here.

Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter is the latest game for the fans of D&D games. Taking us to the Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter is for sure one of the most action packed MMORPG with every class tailored specifically strong for combat. The game enters Open Beta on April 30th and Founding members has already got the Early Access since last week.

Get a Founders Pack now

Founders Pack grants you Early Access!

Neverwinter Beta Weekend #4

Neverwinter's Beta Weekend #4 was exclusive to those who ordered a Founder's Package and of course we were there to cover it once more. It introduced new features: The Power Choice system as well as the new progressions system. See our Beta Weekend #1, #2 and #3 impressions below as well as several gameplay videos before you decide if it's worth buying one of the Founder's Packages of this new D&D game. Find more on the Beta Weekend #4 features here.

Neverwinter - Under Full Mooon

First look at Power Choice system & Screenshots from Beta Weekend #4 

Partying in Neverwinter

The new Great Weapon Fighter Montage Trailer

The latest screenshots exclusive for Beta Weekend #4

Great weapon fighter class
Great Weapon Fighter - Neverwinter


Previously - Neverwinter

Read our Neverwinter Beta impressions here

Cryptic has added new content to Neverwinter before CBT2 and we have decided to create a new character based on Elf race and a new playable class: "Control Wizard". Let's start with character creation. Character creation in Neverwinter is not bad at all. With the addition of new races and the new Control Wizard class, we have more options now. You can customize your character's physical attributes and that includes minor details like feet size or a scar on face. Neverwinter's character customization system is really satisfactory. Check it out in the video below.

Now that we had a brand new character, it was time to put him to test. We started playing with this Elf Control Wizard and the video below shows one of the early missions. The missions ( at least the early ones ) are identical to other races and class. We will be adding more videos tomorrow so make sure you check back later. Until then, enjoy this short gameplay video. You can check out Beta Weekend #1 coverage below as well.

In this mission, we are investigating a possible theft and it does happen in the end. Despite all our efforts, we can't stop thieves from stealing the Neverwinter Crown. (Don't worry, we'll take it back later.)

Neverwinter CBT #1 impressions

Neverwinter, the beloved city from Dungeons & Dragons. It's the title of the upcoming D&D 4 based free-to-play MMORPG from Cyrptic and Perfect World Entertainment. The game had a fantastic Beta Weekend and thousands of Neverwinter and D&D fans have been wandering around the city, completing all action and combat based missions. Neverwinter was first announced in 2011 and it was later shown at PAX 2012 almost a year ago. From last week, we were invited to the Early Access press preview and since then we have been playing the game.


So, we have captured some gameplay videos and screenshots of this new MMORPG during the last Beta Weekend. We will have more on Neverwinter in the coming weeks but so far we have a Character Creation video as well as a couple of gameplay videos showing you different parts of the city of Neverwinter as we take on characters like Karzov. For all the details on Neverwinter you may visit our Neverwinter section or visit the official site and sign up for the upcoming Beta. 

Neverwinter Character Creation

There are six races available in Neverwinter. Human, Dwarf, Tiefling, Halfling, Elf and Half Elf. Once you choose your race and gender, you pick one of its classes. Following the class selection, you are assigned your Ability Scores and your bonus ability. Read more here-->

Neverwinter Beta - Gameplay Video - Episode 1

Neverwinter Beta - Gameplay Video - Killing Karzov

Note: Some parts of this video are fast forwarded.

more videos to be added soon...

Neverwinter Beta Screenshots

see more Neverwinter screenshots here--->


Devoted Cleric Screens


Neverwinter Cleric Screens 1

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 2

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 3

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 4

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 5

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 6

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 7

Neverwinter Cleric Screen 7

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