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Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus has just launched. The long awaited Romulan faction is now playable. Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus update introduces the Remans and Romulans. Players now have the option to start as any faction. Star Trek Online lifetime subscription is also back on sale until June 21st.

Empress Sela is also returning and the Silent Enemy missions, new rewards, new abilities, revamped UI are among the main features of this rich update.

Star Trek Online fans can now play as a Romulan in a new storyline and battle tyranny of Tal Shiar, take on new missions, fly the new Warbird class starships. The Romulan ships come with the new Singularity feature that gives the captains of a Romulan ship the ability to build Singularity energy over time, build this up gradually in battle and use one of the Singularity powers, such as a Plasma Shockwave or a Warp Shadow.

Legacy of Romulus trailer

The update introduces the new starships: Warbirds such as the Haakona Advanced Warbird and Scorpion Fighter.

The latest screenshots showcase the Romulan military uniforms from the original series as well as three new screens of the Haakona Warbird which comes with the Legacy Pack.
Haakona warbird Star Trek Online Legacy Pack 
Romulan uniforms taken from original series
The Romulan uniforms are taken from the original Star Trek series


The story is well known but the fans of the series but let me tell you about it. Romulus and Remus are gone but as one of the survivors, we will be fighting to survive following the destruction.

All the survivors are in danger as several colonies have been unleashed and they are attacking any survivor. When you join in, you will be taking the role of a leader and gather allies to rebuild the empire. This is the story that gives the name to this expansion: "Legacy of Romulus". 

All Features

Features of Legacy of Romulus expansion

  • Play as a Romulan or Reman (how long did we really wait for this!)
  • New Warbird class starships will be available.
  • Start as any faction.
  • Empress Sela returns.
  • New mission: The Silent Enemy.
  • Fight the Tholians for extra rewards!
  • Customize and re-arrange your traits. Unlock new abilities...
  • Customizable and improved UI.

Star Trek Online

Ready to play now? Click the image!

Free to play, with rewards for subscribers

All of these will be free for all as Perfect World and Cryptic announced before. Lifetime subscribers, silver members and veterans will receive fantastic rewards to celebrate Legacy of Romulus

Latest screenshots of Legacy of Romulus

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