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TERA: Play For Free

TERA Rising


It's now free to play!

It's amazing really. TERA is now free to play. It's been some weeks since En Masse has launched the free-to-play version of the game, but it's been enough to drive thousands of MMORPG fans to the Exiled Realm. 


DevilsMMO's followers may remember our fantastic TERA : Exploring the Exiled Realm series in 2012. If you haven't seen TERA before, let us show you what you have been missing. Now that the game is free to play, there is absolutely no reason to enter the beautiful world of TERA today. Check out some of the features below, see the brand new trailer, find much more details in our TERA Diary and decide for yourself. This is an MMORPG you can not miss.

TERA - Free to play Trailer

TERA : Features

Love at First Sight

TERA makes a very good first impression. You will be impressed almost from the very beginning, from the moment that you create your first character. TERA has a very good character creation screen and there are lots of choices to make including classes and races. 

Fighting in Real Time

For everything that TERA is, it’s the real-time battle that will impress you first. The developers have almost perfected the notion of real-time battle that they’ve included support for the 360 controller in the game – a pretty big deal in the MMO world. In terms of comparison to other games, the greatest thing you’ll notice within a couple of minutes of gameplay is that you’re pulling off awesome moves, jumping around (actually DODGING attacks, can you believe?) and not once have you been forced to look at a bar and count the seconds till you get to do awesome moves again. It makes the gameplay more than just staring at the screen, waiting for animations to finish and then, again, staring at the screen, waiting to see what the next quest will have you doing.

TERA Diary
You will fall in love with TERA's graphics [click images to enlarge]

An Adventure Begins

Absolute fill of wonderful quiet forests to take a lifetime and, while it’s effectively still a quiet forest in which it’s safe to train budding heroes, the Timeless Forest is really no different. There aren’t many video games which actually manage to put you in a peaceful mood. It’s not all quiet though and there are a variety of enemies to fight, some which will give you more trouble than others. From giant walking trees and unicorn-monsters to roves of small cat/moogle-type creatures that attack you as a pack, the enemies in TERA are surprisingly smart and the game is all the more enjoyable for it.

TERA Weekly reviews
If you're looking for serious challenges...[click images to enlarge]

Find out much more in our TERA Diary : Exploring the Exiled Realm

TERA Diary

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