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Wargame Airland Battle

Wargame Airland Battle, the sequel to Wargame: European Escalation is launching next week. This new and advanced version of the action MMO RTS is going to offer much more depth and strategic elements. Today, the developer of the game has released more information and a two minute trailer, revealing more on the Dynamic Battle feature which we first discovered last week with four screenshots.  

Wargame Airland Battle : Dynamic Battle introduced

Following the screenshots from last week, Euegene systems revealed the details on Dynamic Campaign. As you can see in the video, players will first organize their and battle groups on a strategic map representing Europe: the movement of allies and enemies, and where you can order support strikes, special forces strikes, satellite spying, bombardment, tactical nuclear attacks and more. The strategic map will be where you manage your campaign. And when there is a zone under attack, you will be able to defend it by moving your defensive groups to this zone. 

Dynamic Battle

Eugen Systems created the dynamic battle to offer a unique experience for Wargame AirLand Battle. See in the screenshots below, we will be able to create our battle groups before entering a new campaign.

The Eurpean map is huge and players will need to create a strategy before making a move. Plan the reinforcements,  support strikes, intelligence missions, special forces strikes, satellite spying, bombardment, tactical nuclear attacks and more.

Dynamic Battle in Wargame Airland

When a zone is under attack players will need to be ready to defend it, sending a battle group to assault, and this is going to happen in real time like a fast paced chess game!

This is pretty exciting isn't it! Enjoy today's screenshots and continue reading for the previously released French army screens.

Wargame Airland Battle: French Units

Previously released screenshots of Wargame Airland Battle that gives us a taste of the French units that will be available in game.

Wargame Airland Battle French helicopter

Earlier this month we saw the German and British units. Today's reveal; The French Army is announced as the the biggest military force in Europe in the game. With the conflict in Scandinavia, French army joins the NATO allies.

In the screenshots below you can see the AMX-13 Harpon (Harpoon), the AMX-30B2 Brennus, new variants of the VAB, and the recon helicopter Alouette III. And of course the air-force... Mirage 5F and Mirage 2000C can be seen in the screenshots. Among the other units of the French aircraft, there will be the likes of Mirage III, the Mirage F1, and the Super Etendard.

Wargame Airland Battle French Units

Wargame Airland Battle units

Wargame Airland Battle French army

Wargame Airland Battle aircrafts

Wargame Airland Battle will build on its prequel with many new features such as the showroom where players can view their units and their stats in 3D, or the new Traits feature adding some RPG element to the game. 

For your convenience, we have enclosed the previous screenshots and trailers right below the French Army screenshots.

Enjoy the latest screenshots and the two trailers for Wargame Airland Battle for now.
click images to enlarge
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 1 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 2
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 3 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 4
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 5 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 6
Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 7 Wargame Airland Battle screenshot 8

For more information visit Wargame Airland Battle website.

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