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Free MOBA Games List

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MOBA Games - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games

League of Legends
League of Legends is a PvP centered persistent online action game with strategy elements. You are given the control of a powerful champion when you join forces with your team members. The goal is to level up and strengthen your champion and beat the opponents with your champion friends. There are over 50 unique champions (and more being added almost each week) to choose from in this action packed free MMO game. Fantastic game for the fans of free MOBA games. read more→ League of Legends Review
League of Legends Screenshot 1 League of Legends Screenshot 2
Heroes of Newerth
Also known as HoN, Heroes of Newerth, real time strategy game is inspired by Warcraft's Defence of the Ancients mod. Heroes of Newerth is a very good game, an excellent example of the MOBA genre and a must-play for anybody unable to get into the DotA 2 beta. You’ll enjoy a multitude of different battles that always feel fresh and exciting, but the payoff from your teammates if you fail is likely to frustrate and make you move on. For the time you’re playing though (so long as your teammates are silent) you’ll enjoy every second of it. read more→ Heroes of Newerth
Heroes of Newerth Screenshot 1 Heroes of Newerth Screenshot 2
Universal Monsters Online
Universal Monsters Online does a few things differently to the normal sword and sorcery DotA clone, bringing together some of the most iconic, best loved creatures from throughout the Universal horror films. Predating Hammer Horror and bringing some of the best known monsters to life, Universal was a staple for any self-respecting horror movie buff between the early 1920s and a PvP centered persistent online action game with strategy elements. New MOBA game that plays in a web browser! read more→ Universal Monsters Online Review
DotA 2 is an absolutely fantastic game." It’s fair to say it’s a core game, that not everybody will enjoy the measured, pressured gameplay, but it’s probably the most accessible game in the genre I’ve ever played (with the exception of Awesomenauts). Since it’s free-to-play and available right from the Steam program, there’s no reason to think that it wouldn’t be a massive hit anyway. Thankfully though, there’s also a great deal of quality in there and the proof is that I couldn’t find one entirely negative thing to say about it.  read more→ Click here to read DOTA 2 review
Awesomenauts isn’t exactly a MOBA game in the traditional sense – it takes its cue from 2D platformers rather than from the original level design found in DotA – but it keeps the same rule set and the same dedication to well-balanced, fun-to-play champions. It takes away some of the seriousness found in League of Legends as well, allowing you to enjoy it more without having to worry about doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. read more→ read more button

MOBA Games History

The MOBA genre is generally considered to have begun with a mod for Warcraft II called Defence of the Ancients. Actually, there’s roots even further back, to a game called Sacrifice, released in 2000 and developed by Shiny Entertainment (who would later work on Enter the Matrix). Shiny had previously worked on the Earthworm Jim games, MDK, Wild 9 and possession-platformer Messiah, so they had experience in creating games that were not quite what people expected. Sacrifice was another example of this and was one of the first games that could be described as an Action RTS. Played in 3rd person mode, Sacrifice also managed to beat Lionhead’s Black and White to the use of mouse gestures in casting spells...

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