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Defiance Competition for TV Appearance

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The guys at Trion have started a new Defiance competition. You'll be in with a chance of having your character appear in the second season of the TV series. It won't be as easy as retweeting or sharing and liking a post either. If you want your character to become part of the Defiance canon, you're going to have to work for it.

And what work it'll be. You'll have to be one of the best players in the entire game. Think that label applies to you?

Trion have already run a previous Defiance competition which allowed for an appearance in the TV series, although this one seems a little more meaningful. It's a pretty exciting offer, and one that it almost feels worth working towards. They've not announced how exactly your character will be portrayed. It might be a fleeting glimpse in a battle scene, or it might be something a little more 

In fact, I rather suspect it'll be the latter, given the hoops you'll have to jump through to get your character on TV in the first place.

Registering at the Defiance website is but the first, decievingly simple step in your journey. Then you'll need to be one of the top ten players in the Ultimate Ark Hunter contest - easy right? The contest began yesterday (8/7) and will continue to run for three weeks.

The top ten players will each have a specific backstory written by the Defiance writing team. The ten characters - now fully formed - will be placed on Facebook for users to vote for their favourites. The top five candidates will then be reduced to one by the shows production team. What are you waiting for?

Honestly though, it sounds tough, but even having that backstory would feel like a pretty awesome achievement. The PR step in the middle - having people vote for their favourites on Facebook - seems a little out of place when the same people that wrote the backstories get to pick the final character anyway, but I suppose it's to build hype.

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