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Go4Firefall announced!

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go4firefallAs the open beta has launched for Firefall, the open world shooter from Red 5 Studios, the developer has announced the 1st Firefall Open Beta tournament : "Go4Firefall". Go4Firefall is going to be open to players from all around the world and it will be offering cash prizes to Firefall teams. The new eSports game type "Jetball" will be the official game of the tournament when it begins on August 4th. Red 5 states that these tournaments will be held every month and prizes will range from $1,000 to $5,000.


Go4Firefall for $5,000

Firefall has become one of the eSports games back in 2012. Despite being in Closed Beta up until this week, the game has been respected as a top shooter MMO. Following the launch of the Open Beta, Red 5 has started announcing back to back events to welcome new players of the game and get everyone as competitive as they could. The new eSports game type Jetball went live last month along with the new story game mode and is now the very game type that's going to offer prizes of up to $9,000 in USA and €9,000 in Europe.

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Each Sunday participating teams will compete for a $1,000/€1,000 prize pool and points toward their monthly ranking. At the end of the month, the eight highest ranked teams in each region will compete in a live-streamed final cup for a $5,000/€5,000 prize pool and the US or EU championship title.

The official ESL page is where you can sign up for the monthly Go4Firefall tournaments.

Quick Facts:
One cup every Sunday of the month
The top 16 teams of each cup score points
Top 8 of the ranking qualifies for monthly finals

Prize money:
Weekly Go4Firefall Cup: 1st Place: €500 - 2nd Place: €300 - 3rd Place: €200
Go4Firefall Monthly Finals: 1st Place: €3000 - 2nd Place: €1500 - 3rd Place: €500
Total prize money per month: up to €10,000

Source: Firefall official ESL


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