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Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild release date announced

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fury of the feywildPerfect World's Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG "Neverwinter" is going to have its first update, Module 1 as it's called internally on August 22. Module 1 : Fury of the Feywild will be available as two different content packs. While the new content is available for free, players who wish to expand the adventure with unique races, mounts and other advanced features will be able to purchase one of two special Feywild packs. The first pack is the Feywild Starter Pack and the full package is the Knight of the Feywild pack. Find more about the update and the special packs after the cut.


Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild and Feywild Packs revealed

The first ever expansion for our favorite D&D game Neverwinter is coming next month. (August 22). Fury of the Feywild is going to take players to the woods of Sharandar and let them play as the Elves of Sun and Moon. There will be a brand new adventure as well as new weapons, items and of course tons of new rewards.

The content itself is coming for free but Cyrptic is also offering two special packages for those who want to take it to another level.

The two Feywild packs offered for Fury of the Feywild expansion are:

- Knight of the Feywild pack

- Feywild starter pack



For some odd reason, the only pack available today is the more expensive Knight of the Feywild pack. The Knight of the Feywild is available for $59.99 today and it includes items that's worth $149.99 according to the publisher.

  • Unique 'Moon Elf' Race
  • Unique 'Dawn Unicorn' Mount
  • Unique 'Sylph Companion'
  • New Moonsilver Regalia Fashion Set
  • Loamweave Enchantment
  • Stone of Earth
  • Unique 'Knight of the Feywild' In-game Title
  • One Extra Character Slot
  • Adventurer's Helper Pack, containing Six Different Types of In-game Items
  • 600,000 Astral Diamonds, an In-game Currency

The other, cheaper pack, Feywild Starter consists of a unique Portal Hound companion, a Hunter's ring, fine elven silk bag and adventurer's help pack. You can find a lot more on Neverwinter in our Neverwinter section.

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