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Neverwinter: The Invasion is today

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Neverwinter Beta eventsPerfect World's Dungeons & Dragons title "Neverwinter" has been in Open Beta for a while. As the Open Beta is coming to an end, Valindra's army is ready to attack Protector's Enclave. This Invasion is the second phase of Open Beta events of Neverwinter. There will be one more phase before the Open Beta is over. So, keep an eye on these events, collect bag of bones and then convert them for rewards. Continue reading for the details of Phase II: The Invasion.


Neverwinter's Open Beta is coming to a close. The Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG has got two more phases before the Beta servers are closed. The second phase of the Open Beta events is today. Actually it has started earlier this morning but you can dive in and collect as many bag bones as you can collect for rewards.

The Phase II the The Invasion will continue until  June 20, 2013 at 9am PDT. So what is Invasion about.


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The Protector’s Enclave is now under attack and players will need to close the gates of Neverwinter to this merciless attack

The critical 5 locations around Protector’s Enclave are important. These areas are vulnerable to attack and whenever you see a message indicating where the portal appeared you can join forces with other players and help stop attacks.

Then there is an event running, there is an indicator that shows the new mission. Watch out! 

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