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Silkroad Online: Unified Party System Unleashes Death Bone

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DeathboneSilkroad Online's latest content update unleashes the gigantic undead beast: Death Bone. Death Bone is now the most powerful unique monster in the game. The update also introduces the new version of the Unified Party System which allows groups of players to join forces and create a raid of 32 players. Well, that happens to be the only way to beat Death Bone! Read on to see the brand new trailer and more on this undead beast.


Undead Beast awaits Silkroad Online players

A gigantic undead beast rising from the ashes of the Roc, Death Bone is coming to Silkroad Online as the MMO is receiving another content update. This new update means an updated Unified Party System. 

Unified Party System is a feature that allows parties to combine forces and build a unified party of 32 players. So why would they need 32 players for a single raid? Good question. Apparently this new undead beast, the Death Bone is one tough monster (and perhaps the first of a series of such unique monsters) that won't go down easy.

So how do you even create a unified party? That requires a Union Ticket. The owner of the Union Ticket becomes the leader of the group. Then the leader can control a variety of party settings such as loot distribution among party members. The types of  distribution are skill EXP, randomizing items, and ordered item distribution. When a player accepts to enter a uni. party, he/she will receive a special bonus experience buff

And if you think you can beat Death Bone with only a party or two, sorry to shatter your dreams but the challenge is only available when you have the unified party.

Death Bone has some powerful skills and he can draw players for a closer attack. Death Bone, as you can guess will reward the best exp points andthe highest gold reward as well as the 13th tier equipment and more.


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