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SWTOR: Game Update 1.7 Launches

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SWTOR Return of the GreeStar Wars The Old Republic's Game Update 1.7 arrives tomorrow, February 12th. According to Bioware's latest announcement, game servers will go offline early in the morning for about six hours while developers deploy the new update. Update 1.7 "Return of the Gree" introduces a new event: Relic of the Gree as players will enter a new journey in a new ancient Gree starship they discover. The new Galactic Reputation system is also included in this update. Read on for the details of the update and see the new Insider video.


The Old Republic Update 1.7: Return of the Gree

As update 1.7 unleashes tomorrow, level 50 players will have a brand new adventure to help the Gree as they uncover the msytery behind the enormous ancient Gree starship. At the center of this starship, awaits a powerful enemy and players will earn Gree tech and their advanced weapons and armor. This new adventure will be available both to f2p and subcriber accounts.

Play SWTOR for free

Play SWTOR for free

Galactic Reputation system

If you remember from last week, we reported on the new Galactic Reputation system in SWTOR. The Galactic Reputation system is also going live with Update 1.7. Players can now earn from six different ranks when they serve an organization. Become a Hero, Champion and a Legend as you serve them. Reputation points and ranks will turn into new rewards for players.  You can see the new Update 1.7 Teaser Trailer here->

Reputation System

SWTOR Update 1.7 Maintenance Schedule:

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Time: 3:30AM CST (1:30AM PST/4:30AM EST/9:30AM GMT/10:30AM CET/8:30PM AEDT) until 9AM CST (7AM PST/10AM EST/3PM GMT/3PM CET/2AM AEDT)

SWTOR update 1.7
SWTOR review

The Old Republic Insider Episode 4

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