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World of Tanks Coming to 360

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Although much of the news to come out of E3 last week was only relevant to those buying next generation consoles (or those waiting for Elder Scrolls Online), there was one short snippet in the Microsoft Conference that was more than a little exciting. Top rated tank warfare sim World of Tanks will be coming to Xbox 360, it'll be free-to-play for Gold subscribers and it looks like it'll actually be a really good experience with a controller. 

Although a lot of the current World of Tanks fans will be uninterested in making the jump to 360, those with friends that don't have gaming PCs will love the opportunity to show off their favourite game on a new platform. Even those without a direct interest in playing on 360 may be interested in checking it out, as World of Tanks 360 is in no way a port. Instead, it has been built from the ground up for consoles so that everything - from the way graphics are handled down to achievements - has been polished specifically with a controller and a console gamer in mind.

World of Tanks

Although there will be a lot of changes to the way the game plays, and those changes will only serve to improve the World of Tanks experience in the long run, there are some downsides. There will be less tanks to choose from in the Xbox 360 version of the game, and so far there are no plans to bring the game to Xbox One (although it may happen in the future).

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