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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review


Counter-Strike – like the more recent DayZ – is one of those games that came out of a hugely successful mod and has since become not only one of the most played first person shooters on PC but most of the most played PC games ever. With quite literally tens of thousands of players playing at any given time, there’s no shortage of people to play with (and who are perfectly willing to humiliate you as well). With the latest in the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, out on consoles and PC this week, we thought we’d take a quick look at how things are looking. I can safely say that we weren’t surprised.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review Positives

Easy to Use – Counter-Strike: Source was excellent, but it lacked certain accessibility. I’m sure that was the joy of it to more savvy members of the PC community, but for newcomers and less confident gamers had to pick servers, set settings, deal with mods and downloads – it was all a little bit too much. Global Offensive has the best of both worlds, with access to mods and the like still high on the developers list of things-to-do, but with the ability to get into a random game with only a couple of button presses as well if you want to avoid the hassle. 

CS Global Offensive Achivements List

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Polish Up – On top of making it more accessible, the little annoyances I’d had with Counter-Strike Source – from graphical imperfections to slightly off controls – have all been fixed really well. Sometimes fixes can lead to new problems, but not in this case. The amount of polish is staggering.

Counter Striker Global Offensive

Fun Teamwork – Here’s something I wish I could write on this site a little more often: playing this game with friends and with strangers is satisfying and fun to do. While it’s not strictly an MMO, there are more people willing to play and to do so friendlily and fairly than in any game which is technically an MMO I’ve played this year. If you’re looking for less of quests and equipment game and more of a social experience, look no further than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Graphics – When you watch the video review of Counter Striker Global Offensive that accompanies this written review, don’t forget to up the graphical quality to 1080p. This is an absolutely stunning game even on lower settings and is well above what I feel we’ve seen from Valve in previous games. And as the game ages a little, mods for additional textures and the like will be available and the Global Offensive is only likely to grow more beautiful.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Review

Longevity – With only a handful of maps to learn and on a few different classes of weapon, you might think that Global Offensive might not hold your attention for the same time as a regular MMORPG. That presumption would be wrong. With four different game modes and a kind of tactical play that takes an age to learn and keeps throwing up new surprises, you will quite literally never have two identical games of Counter-Strike. Everybody has a slightly different style and only the best of the best can walk round corners without a second to hesitate. With the modding world quickly getting a hold of the game, new modes and maps will be added fairly quickly as well, meaning that in theory, if you love this game, the fun will never end.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review Neutrals

Try Hards – While I’ve absolutely loved being a part of the Global Offensive community (the people are friendly, open to conversation and ready to team up), there have been a few people that have been less than nice. With negative K/D and an overly quick need to converse with those around them, there’s a certain sort of player who would rather blame their poor game on those around them than on their own skills. If you’re having a bad match, they’re dying because they’re trying to make up for you. If you’re having a good match, you’re stealing all the kills and not “playing fair.” I’ve had both actually said to me and, when you come across this breed; you’ll probably hear the same thing as well.

Global Offensive gameplay

Bots – If there aren’t enough players in the game, you’ll end up facing computer-controlled bots. These will stand still, firing in the enemies general direction, and basically serve as quick kills for the opposite team. It doesn’t happen often and sometimes they manage to surprise you, but it’d be nice if the computer controller players could be a little more consistent and a little more intelligent.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that will keep you going for a very long time. You don’t need any other PC shooter. While you might have heard certain people grumble about some kind of bastardized console-hindered mutant of a better game, the franchise has been vastly improved; the developers have managed to keep everything that made the series special while at the same time building upon an already hugely successful formula. Does that sound like the sort of thing you should be missing out on?

CS Global Offensive

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