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Firefall gameplay videos, walkthrough, latest news and Beta information about the open world shooter from Red 5 Studios.
02. April, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Mammoth battleframe - FirefallIt's been a long time since our previous Firefall gameplay diary. Last week we had a quick look at Mammoth battleframe which seems to be the largest and powerful battleframe available in the shooter MMO today. If you are not familiar with Firefall's battleframes, they are the military grade frames manufactured by Enermax, Inc. in the game. With the recent update to the game, the battleframe tech three has changed. Today we will test drive the Omnidyne-M : the "Mammoth".

29. March, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Firefall MammothRed 5's shooter Firefall has recently received another major update which has brought mankind on the verge of extinction. How? Well, the Chosen are now raiding every watch tower and they are getting more and more aggressive attacking Accord facilities. In order to protect the facilities and keep the evil forces of The Chosen outside, players need to equip their battleframes and join in for random events. Seriously folks, I have seen over 20 Chosen units at one watch tower and it was very hard to protect the tower.

  in Firefall, News, Preview
Firefall Chosen War

Red 5's upcoming (yes, again!) shooter MMO Firefall has managed to catch the eye once again, at another PAX East. This time, with a major update... Firefall's new update "Chosen War" is changing the war forever for the humans. The open world becomes a battlefield as man kind try to survive another Chosen invasion. Players will also see the updated progressions system, advanced crafting, new dynamic and local events as well as new features allowing more customization.

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