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Firefall gameplay videos, walkthrough, latest news and Beta information about the open world shooter from Red 5 Studios.
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Firefall Beta Weekend Screenshots

Firefall is an amazing shooter that has been in Beta for a long time. Today, thousands of fans have been sent invitations as Red 5 has announced a series of Beta Testing events to begin this weekend. Red 5 has also announced the return of Founders Packages that come with in-game items, XP boosts as well as free merchandise such as Firefall posters. Continue reading and mark your calendars for Firefall Beta weekends.

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Firefall founders pack

Red 5 announced the details of the new series of Firefall Beta weekends last night. The first beta weekend launches today and it will give thousands of new Firefall fans a chance to test the latest version of Firefall. If you don't know much about Firefall, don't let the Beta word fool you, Firefall has been and will be in Beta for a long time. It's a solid shooter game and you should definitely look for a beta key today.

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Firefall Fest featured Wil Wheaton

Red 5 Studios held its first Firefall Fest with some celebrities like Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day last week. It was really an entertaining festival as celebrities and Firefall's community guys played with the fans of the game. These kinds of festivals are fantastic for loyal fans too. During the Firefall Fest, players received some great rewards for their participation as well. In case you've missed these streams, Red5 has posted these videos. Read on to watch it all. 

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