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Guild Wars 2 Diary

Guild Wars 2 gameplay diary. We play and review new content in Guild Wars 2 every weekend and share our adventure with our readers.

Guild Wars 2 Retribution

ArenaNet have managed it – the most underwhelming episode of Flame and Frost so far. While other updates have added a variety of new missions, events or features, Retribution seems to offer very little to the single player gamer. In fact, if you want to get technical, it adds absolutely nothing at all. A single mission, the Molten Weapon Facility, will have you team up with four others to run a dungeon, although once again there are no single player options. This will be especially annoying to those who have thus far managed to play alone.

13. April, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure BoxSo after the rather frustrating realizing that there are parts of Guild Wars 2 that I’ll never be able to explore without pairing up with unreliable strangers, I thought it was probably best to take a bit of a break this week. Thankfully, that break couldn’t have come at a better time, as it lines up perfectly with the rather clever Super Adventure Box. If you haven’t heard about the Super Adventure Box, I urge you to quickly go and watch the accompanying video. It’s about the oddest addition to an MMO I’ve come across, but that doesn’t at all mean it’s bad.

07. April, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 The RazingFlame and Frost: The Razing, the latest update for Guild Wars 2, was much more difficult to review than I’d expected. While the other Living Stories have been a little empty on new gameplay features, The Razing is far more time consuming, in a good way. The first Flame and Frost update had you tediously helping refugees, while the second simply added a few rather dulls events that people sussed out and spammed until they had the achievements. Future episodes of the Living Story weren’t going to work like this, so ANet tried to make this latest update more natural, tried to make it feel like things were happening. Unfortunately, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

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